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TellyTime233 posts since 9 Jan 2017
These new logos have already appeared on the Virgin EPG. They're a nice update, but as mentioned earlier, the HD channel logos look a bit unbalanced now that the Sky logo is free of its box.

VM has also managed to mess up a little as they are not using the HD logo for Sky Comedy HD!
VMPhil10,406 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Granada North West Today
The Sky One “Up Next” towards the end of the show seems to have got a lot bigger. It was previously pretty small but now takes up alot of the bottom part of the screen.

Having just seen this, you're not wrong. Obtrusive is an understatement! The worst thing is the previous design was small, subtle (but still drew your attention), and didn't cover up a fifth of the screen with a dark blue background.