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I've been going through news articles online with regards to SM:TV, and I was slightly surprised to find that Cat announced she was leaving SM:TV at the end of January, and apparently made the decision shortly after Ant and Dec left. I thought she was there for much longer, though of course time doesn't pass by so quickly when you're a kid. In the end, I think James was sacked before she even left.

Also, was CD:UK still live throughout the rest of the time Cat presented? I have a feeling it switched to being recorded earlier in the week later on, but am not 100% certain.

I assumed at the time that Cat was going to leave at the same time as Ant and Dec but stayed on a few extra months to settle in the new presenters. Announcing she was leaving just a month after her co hosts did didn't seem spontaneous. And yes, James was fired about a month in I think.

I don't think they ever recorded CD:UK earlier in the week though there may have been the rare occasion (for instance the last SM:TV where Ant Dec and Cat returned was recorded on a Monday due to schedules). If they were pre recording they'd usually do the live show on Saturday morning then record the following week's show on Saturday afternoon. By 2003 they were doing 3 live weeks followed by the 4th being pre recorded. By the time CD:UK ended in 2006, every other week was pre recorded.
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There's a few more to come. I've only really saved the "milestone" episodes with presenter arrivals and departures and so on.

Though being 2002, it was rather hard to keep up.

By the end of the year, even the producer David Staite had left the show.

Thanks for the uploads. Funnily enough I still have that New Year 2000 episode somewhere too. It's amazing to look at how the show developed from 1998 to 2001 - '98 was often a total mess too frantic, try hard, no direction, not enough good content, not funny etc. Fast forward to 2001 and it's good enough to be winning at the British comedy awards. In '01 it's far more confident, composed, structured, fun and funny and shows why Ant and Dec are masters of presenting still to this day.

Also as proof of how different the beginning of the show was or possibly of how weird the 90s were, in one of your CD:UK uploads Ant, Dec and Cat get far too up and close to the audience with one bloke having his arm around Cat for the whole link...and she doesn't even seem to care! (Not on camera, anyway)
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Material Girl as sung by Cheryl Baker with backing vocals by Audrey Roberts and Phyllis Pearce and Jim Royle on guitar. The reason why seems to be lost in the mists of time
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How dare you! That's quite clearly a banjo, as indeed played several times by Jim Royle in The Royle Family

Of course so it is (and I know it's not Jim Royle I just can't remember either his real or character name)

One other thing I didn't spot first time round is the size of that set, it's massive! At first I assumed there was some camera trickery to put them on the top but they really are there
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One other thing I didn't spot first time round is the size of that set, it's massive! At first I assumed there was some camera trickery to put them on the top but they really are there

This is from, as you can see on the set at the end, The Funny Side, a Granada production circa 1987. This was the era when every light entertainment programme on ITV was an attempt to replicate the success of Game For A Laugh, with a team of hosts introducing studio stunts and filmed items featuring Members Of The Great British Public With A Story To Tell. The Funny Side was presented by Mike Smith, Cheryl Baker and Mick Miller, and I watched it every week but I can't tell you anything that happened on it apart from its Herbie Hancock-inspired theme tune.

There were loads of similar shows on ITV at the time, Yorkshire did Just Amazing which ran for a few series (with Kenny Lynch, Suzanne Danielle and Barry Sheene), Granada did a similar show a year or two earlier called Some You Win (with Lulu, Kenneth Williams and Ted Robbins) and in Television's Greatest Hits it mentions something called Magic Moments from TVS which appears to be the same thing with Gary Wilmot, Chris Tarrant and Fern Britton. There was also The Birthday Show from YTV which was quite big news as it was presented by Anne and Nick in their first show after TV-am.

There was loads of shows like that around in the mid-eighties, none of which managed to do anything like Game For A Laugh, which itself had run out of steam massively.
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