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You'd have been forgiven for thinking Rishi Sunak was the broadcaster not Peston - Sunak was very slick with how he handled it. Sunak doesn't seem like he'd be too bad as a rolling news anchor actually if he didn't fancy this whole Chancellor business. Wink
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The Clap for Carers showing now shows that no-one is obeying the 2m rule. Or groups of more than 2 people.

A great idea - but fundamentally flawed. People let their guard down tonight. However, full appreciation for the NHS for what they are doing. Thumbs up
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Exactly - the ITV News report earlier had people out in their street standing next to their neighbours. Nice idea but sadly may cause more cases. Thankfully in my street people stays in their houses.

ITV handled it with a very brief round of applause and hashtag in the ident into Emmerdale - almost would have been better not to do it.
Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.
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UTV Newsline
RTÉ News had a brief news special for this effort for our health staff in the HSE in Ireland. It was presented by Eileen Dunne.

The 2m observation was in place for staff at Cork Airport although their claps were a little bit delayed.

I took part in this as well. As I went outside to see it; only a few neighbours in my estate actually took the initiative to take part in it. But I did hear a few beeping cars & with lots of cheers from random people outside on my nearest main road in Dublin. I thought was a really humbling experience to do that for our health staff in Ireland & for health staff living across the world.

They're providing our world with a great service. May god bless them all. Smile
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My street was silent, as I suspect most streets that didn't have news cameras probably were. Which is probably for the best considering what the NHS really want is for people to just stay Inside. Rolling Eyes Nice sentiment, but will probably be looked back on as a wtf?moment
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