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Bringing this thread back up, if a regional news programme wasn't able to broadcast from the main studio centre, but a studio in another town or city, complete with a presenter was available, could it come from there? As an example, if Stuart Flinders and Annabel Tiffin were getting ready to do BBC north west tonight, but Media city had to be evacuated, and Andy Gill was in the BBC studios in Liverpool, could the programme, in theory, be broadcast from Liverpool, with Andy Gill perhaps only able to do basic intros, with no reports?

In theory yes. But it's just a camera, microphone and earpiece so it would be very minimal, certainly not something they could fill the 6:30 with.

Lots of issues though, the line from Liverpool goes into Salford but with no one to press the opt out switch it would need to be routed out of the building and put to air elsewhere. Technically not a problem (Salfords router can be operated remotely) but co-ordinating everything so it happens at the right time would be tricky. Also the presenter would have to take a cue from network, not ideal.

Ultimately why would they bother, unless there was something really really important to say that only the presenter in Liverpool could say
Inspector Sands14,483 posts since 25 Aug 2004
As we saw when Plymouth (I think) had big problems with their temporary set up during their refurb there are back up plans in place. Initially a joint service with a buddy region, while back up plans are put in place.

Yes, it's possible to 'buddy' anything, but of course a newsroom camera isn't as suitable for doing an opt out bulletin as a proper gallery set up for doing one. For a start they can do a nice clean opt out through a vision mixer