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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

"Watch this space" as BBC Creative respond to ident change request (December 2016)

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I honestly think the BBC has bigger priorities at the moment than changing BBC One's idents.

The idents are totally unsuitable now. Especially as in other BBC programmes, the presenters are sitting further apart, there is no audience or people off the street are being interviewed with long microphones.

They should be taken off air without delay - as they are sending out completely the wrong message to everyone.

Even the thickest viewer will realise that they were recorded before the Coronavirus outbreak, and nobody will take them as a message to go and stand really close to other people.

Please folks, let's get a sense of reality and perspective.

They have a ready to use set of Circle or Balloon idents that can be easily implemented. I understand that no-one in their right mind would view a BBC1 Mountain Rescue ident and think - right, I'm going to stand in close proximity to people in the street. However, now that leisure centres/gyms etc have been instructed to close, idents such as Ten Pin Bowlers and Wheelchair Rugby Players at a leisure centre, seem to be in completely poor taste and sending out the wrong message, both in terms of social distancing and locations where to gather.

As BBC1 is the national channel, it should portray the right image for the nation. It doesn't seem right that presenters are sitting far apart and Skype/long microphones being used for interviews (a bit extreme to say the least) if the programmes in question are preceded by these current Oneness idents.

The thing is, are the Circles/Balloons really ready to use, and on the appropriate servers, sent out to all the regions? Is the music still licenced for use? I honestly don’t know myself, but I suspect changing an entire ident package, even for a previously used one isn’t a trivial matter, particularly when many staff are likely to be working from home.

I really don’t think the vast majority of viewers will give the matter a second thought, and I’d suggest anyone considering the sight of a leisure centre on TV being in ‘poor taste’ might just be a little over sensitive.

The BBC isn’t about to axe any previously recorded soaps, dramas, comedies or documentaries showing people less than two metres away from each other, as people understand that they were recorded before last week. I don’t see why channel idents should be any more of a problem.
Steve Williams, Jeffmister and Colorband gave kudos
Even Capes which they pulled out of the dustbin a couple of times seems unsuitable. Forest is the only one in the current set (though I think used once) which ticks the box.

I think a simple way to do it would be something similar to the Christmas Day idents a couple of years ago using people. Sadly they'd have to Skype them in but using the idents as a way for families to share a message is arguably what Oneness is all about. Yes, they can do it all remotely now but I think even if it's just for dedicated periods (Mothers Day for example) it would be quite effective.
Clearly they need to bring back the clock, and ensure every anno is precisely 20 seconds long so we can wash our hands correctly at the same time!
Steve in Pudsey
I wonder how real the "cat on a roomba" ident was, if the Christmas tree in the background was added in post and could be removed like the penguins ident tree?
Charlie Gough
A special introduction for Doctor Who fans rewatching The Day of the Doctor tonight at 7pm!
Reminds me how much I miss these circle idents!

A special introduction for Doctor Who fans rewatching The Day of the Doctor tonight at 7pm!
Reminds me how much I miss these circle idents!

Ah the days when presentation was professional rather than wobbly amateur photoshoots.
The original Mission Control ident as well as that. Seeing as it was the cut-down version used into the actual 50th Anniversary and the first showing of that ident was into the Doctor Who episode 'Utopia' back in 2007, it's pretty cool that Duncan used it here.
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I would go back to that era of idents in a heartbeat.
Who could ever look at those idents and think Oneness would be any kind of improvement.
Steve in Pudsey
I keep seeing this kind of thing all over Twitter, surely an opportunity for a Oneness style ident?

Absolutely. Great idea.

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