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FREE offer (March 2020)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
DVB Cornwall
If you're into Classic Music, owing to the closure of the Berlin Philharmonic during the unpleasantness, the Berlin Philharmonic's online concert archive has been opened up globally for free for 30days.

A huge selection of works including recent and archive material including films, the recent stuff is all in 4K too.

A phenomenal opprotunity to bingewatch classical music upto and including Easter (considering you also get a seven day free trial if you're clever).


Sadly it seems that their servers are somewhat being hammered with requests, a stable platform this is not it would seem. Their generosity seems to have backfired .... at least temporarily
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8 days later

DVB Cornwall
Note ....

Seems that the server side issue has been resolved for now, the site is working well today.

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