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The situation in Italy is kind of sad

Shows have no public or they have to display a ticker or sth else that states the show is prerecorded in order to justify the public in them, news are more frequent, news channels are Coronavirus news 24/7 and so on

We live in a quarantine
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Presumably if people are in quarantine TV stations in the area would not be able to operate if staff are confined to their homes.

I think you may be misunderstanding the quarantine implemented in Northern Italy. AIUI the quarantine is for the whole region - restricting travel in and out of that region. I've not seen reports of people without symptoms or exposure to other confirmed Covid-19 cases being told to self quarantine.


They are restricting movement of people into and out of the region to attempt to restrict the spread of it to other areas of Italy. However, within the region people can continue to move around - they aren't under house arrest or confined to their homes, though obviously people will be taking personal decisions about how to live their lives at the moment.
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Ah, that makes more sense, although it is basically infect your neighbours, don't come down to Rome with your germs - and haven't travel bans been declared ineffective. Very Happy

Indeed, what they mean is "containing the spread within a specific area", which doesn't help much if you're inside it.

The general medical opinion seems to be that infection rates will increase for 6-8 weeks, meaning that 'containment' within specific areas may become irrelevant, when you simply end up with adjoining containment areas with large populations.

Moving back to the pres element of our board, I wonder how various broadcast media can cope with a 'mass isolation' situation where minimum staffing levels are required to provide a service if many of the technicians and talent are stuck at home for 2-3 weeks.

Without wishing to appear to dismiss the potential seriousness of the situation, are we likely to end up with "News at Ten, with Huw from his Sofa" or "Sophy Ridge on Sunday, from her conservatory"? . Shocked

I am sure it could be done, although the techs would still need to be in place to make it all happen.
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Ireland's Health Service Executive has said, from a report in today's Sunday Business Post, that it could not dismiss the possibility that projected figures of 1.9 million people could be infected with Covid-19. 2 more cases of Covid-19 via community transmission have been confirmed today in The Republic of Ireland. One is a male from the south of the country. One is a female from the East of the country who has an underlying health condition. 175 healthcare staff from hospitals in Cork & Limerick are in self-isolation at home. There are now 21 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in The Republic of Ireland.

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If we're having to host the news from home I feel Bail's time is now. Very Happy

Yes, much forward thinking on buying that desk! Laughing

That image clearly demonstrates how the BBC has been missing a trick all these years not positioning their news studio desks on fancy rugs.