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I wonder if Sony will as a result switch from Android TV + YouView to Android TV + Freeview Play?

If they do - we can only hope the implementation is a lot faster. I've had two Sony Android TV sets, and disabled YouView on both of them, and instead use the regular Sony DVB front-end UI instead, which is massively more responsive.
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noggin14,941 posts since 26 Jun 2001
Android TV is wierd, Content Apps and System Applications seemingly bundled together with no stable ordering, updating haphazard, and as for finding new Content Apps from within the ecosystem difficult, and that's being kind.

It gets a bit easier if you plug a keyboard in - as that makes the Google Play store (which is available on Android TV - but only shows Android TV-specific apps) much neater to use.

I ignore it on my Sony Android TV TV because the Sony TVs are so underpowered (same reason I disabled YouView on the TV).

However on the nVidia Shield TV it works pretty well.
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Now feeling this will REPLACE YouView rather than becoming an option, YV having decided to concentrate on servicing their service partners. No real incentive for Sony to continue now considering the platform isn't going to be offered direct to customer via retail anymore.