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Haven’t watched sport on the BBC in a while - is the BBC Sport DOG in the bottom right during the pre game new?

It's usually a hashtag, which is equally annoying and probably only used by people complainined about it being there.
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Three games ... four images ....



First time the world feed graphics have gotten an outing in the UK?

Incidentally eir Sport, for reasons best known to themselves, put West Brom v Newcastle on eir Sport 1, virtually handing their audience to the BBC.
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Wonder whether this is a result of the special arrangements for this round. Does seem very peculiar.


In addition to the Facebook Watch coverage, BBCiPlayer has now joined the ET in the REASHU match albeit with their own commentator.
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Removed at the start of match coverage proper.

Was back at half time, including pointlessly being shown during a break for an EastEnders trailer. Presumably these go out by the sport team then, rather than handing back control to NC1.

Then it was used for the highlights of the other matches in the FA Cup.