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New idents as well. I have one word for this whole refresh: cheap.

At least they finally have their logo in the idents after being logoless for four years

Those idents were so dull, the 5 link was so vague, they said absolutely nothing

I'm hoping it was a failed experimental phase in the realm of TV branding. Channel 4's sinister artsy film thing only lasted a couple of years before they switched to the block man, even though I've grown to miss the shaman and the atmospheric one where they're doing tests on one of the blocks. Especially when there's only so many times I can hear that guitar riff paired with "PASS IT UP ERE!"

It's ironic that strong branding is meant to show the power and strength of a channel, yet they seemed to become more and more reluctant to even tell you what channel you were watching.
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Not a big fan of the new 5 break bumpers with sound...much prefer silent bumpers.

With the bumpers now having sound, if they go straight into the ident without promos inbetween, it looks like the ident has restarted itself after 2 seconds, as the sound restarts again.
With silent bumpers, its obvious when the bumper has finished and the ident has started.
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Granada North West Today
The graphics I've seen so far all seem to have throwbacks to the channel's original signature 5 colours colourscheme, which is a nice little touch. It does look like a very low cost and basic refresh, but I still agree that it's nice to see idents which actually feature the logo for the channel once more, rather than some vague shots of people.

For those who've not seen it yet, videos and images of some of the new pres from throughout today so far here:-


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Glad they've kept the logo and not surprised the idents have been ditched.

They do the job and are better than the logoless idents, but agree they look cheap, and are actually cheapened by the "Broadcast Channel of the Year 2020" tag - would be better if that was smaller and only faded on at the end (or faded out at the beginning). It's also another clear reason why Broadcast isn't worth £330 a year!

I'd say comparing them to the Central idents of the 90s is very unfair on Central. At best they're comparable to the Carlton text ones that followed the cake.
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If anything it's the close up, especially the very first shot, where I expect it to pull out and reveal the Central cake.

I know what you mean. It's similar in style to some of the idents seen here:

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I actually quite like these idents, more simple and understated, and the have finally updated the HD logo to get rid of that weird overlapping letter formation they had for many years. They have already changed the 5 logo for 5 STAR with their recent simplistic rebrand so it is filled in too. I honestly don't mind if it's filled in or not, as long as they stay neatly in the corner, the same size and are nice and fairly transparent like they currently are.

If they did update 5 USA with a simplistic look to match the others, it would be a shame as the current 5 USA presentation/idents is lovely. It could do with an update but no need to get rid altogether.

Now, if they could sort out the horrible Channel 5 website that would be a real improvement.
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UTV Newsline
Some appear to have slightly different angles but they are essentially the same thing in different colours and the teal one seems to have a light and dark version probably for day/night broadcasts.