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That’s a long contract to tie you into - if true, it might be a response to the US phenomenon of subscribers tuning in for Mandalorian and then cancelling.

I did pre-register though, and got what amounted to an e-flyer today in my inbox . Which makes no mention of the Simpsons, incidentally.
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Yeah but £120 for three years is only £40 a year, half the price of Amazon and Netflix (near enough) as it is for one year. It will probably be an upfront payment, not a contract as such - Amazon works in the same way for Prime which itself isn't a contract but they have thrown in everything but the kitchen sink so to speak to justify what you get for spending £80 a year with them, and not just free delivery and Prime Video.
rdd3,503 posts since 21 Jun 2001
I wonder if rights issues might be keeping The Simpsons off Disney+ in the UK? Maybe something surrounding the rights with Sky and Channel 4 might be an issue.

I wouldn’t take the e-flyer as definite confirmation the Simpsons won’t be on it! It only mentions 15 shows (three per brand) and the Simpsons doesn’t slot neatly into the five brands of Disney+ (Walt Disney, Pixar, Nat Geo, Star Wars, and Marvel), it’s kind of it’s own thing.
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The European social media seems to have kicked in today. The Simpsons doughnut is notably missing on the UK hello video.

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Is it? I thought Murdoch held on to the Fox branded channels. He definitely did in the US, might be different for the UK Fox though.

He only held onto the Fox Network and it’s directly linked assets - Fox News Channel, Fox Business, the national pay-TV Fox Sports/ FS branded stations, and the Big Ten Network. Basically the stuff Disney couldn’t acquire (because the FCC wouldn’t have let Disney own both ABC and the Fox Network, and wouldn’t have been keen on ESPN and Fox Sports tieing the knot either).