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Central (East) Midlands Today
UKPres3 has given us some more clarity via this tweet right here:

Brekkie33,357 posts since 4 Jan 2003 Recently warned
HTV Wales Wales Today
They really do themselves no favours. Their audience has moved on, they haven't. It's as if they expected the world to stand still during their hiatus. If you run a website I don't get why you would want no interaction with the people who use it. Is most odd.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
Inspector Sands14,287 posts since 25 Aug 2004
They didn't do themselves any favours a few weeks ago when someone posting from TVARK publicly criticised my podcast.


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Inspector Sands14,287 posts since 25 Aug 2004
I don't think it was necessarily important to their followers, more that they all thought it was a backward step.

But yeah, really messy and for those paying attention it doesn't make them look very good

Oh and I wish they'd not use the abbreviation 'SM' it's almost as bad as CA'! Rolling Eyes
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What does CA' stand for? "Continuity Announcer"?

Apparently, but it's never stood for that in real life

Now they've deleted that tweet, and the "ukpres3" account's been deleted.

No, the original tvark account was renamed 'ukpres3' and a new account called tvark was created. That's now been reversed and the original account has been put back to its original name. The clue is in the 'created date' of 2008