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Yes that's clearly a mock when you compare it to the screen shot I posted.

They're not going to put "A Division of The Walt Disney Company" on it for many reasons.

I wonder why they didn't do a complete 360 and go back to 'Pictures' instead of 'Studios'?

Because 20th Century Studios is going to be producing a lot of content for streaming services and only four movies (or 'pictures') a year.
Whataday10,622 posts since 13 Sep 2001
HTV Wales Wales Today
There are two main reasons:

They are averse to using the Disney brand on anything which isn't family friendly. 20th Century will be producing content which goes beyond that remit. You won't see the 20th Century brand on Disney+ either.

Although Disney is obviously a huge corporate giant they don't like to seem that way, which is why you have never seen "A Walt Disney Company" on the logos for Pixar or Lucasfilm either. It gives the impression of autonomy, and all the creative freedom which comes with that.
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If people are interested in the launch, it's a decent idea to register interest. Am hearing that there might be an offer for pre-registrants on Annual Subs in the first month. (12 months for £45 has been mentioned as possible ... 25pct off)

Some more indicative offer mumbles. 2 week free trial for pre-registrants and the offer of £119.98 for THREE rather than TWO years as the hook, a 33pct off deal. Should be announced early March.