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eladkse53 posts since 11 Dec 2013
Personally, I very much hope that would be an early-March release, so as to coincide with the Australian GP.

Though knowing how well this has been going so far, I still wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed another six months... again! Laughing
DVB Cornwall9,182 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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BT's Chairman in todays 3Q results presentation has stated that NOW TV WILL LAUNCH in full before the end of March on BTTV. We'll see.

I suspect we will hear something officially either tomorrow (14th) or on Monday (17th), there's a real push apparently with the UEFA CL/EL up and running next week to launch officially the BT on Sky Contracts deal. This has apparently been available through Sky call centres for a while. I can't see that happening without some elements of the reciprocal NOW TV on BT service being ready to roll too. Whether the full EPG service launches together with the YV App update in one hit I feel is still to be questioned.

I'd really like to hear of progress towards more 1080/50fps Sport on NOW TV too beyond the two channels offered so far, in the very near future.