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A look back at the many iterations of the Fox fanfare and logo before the new era of the famed studio commences this February.

1935 - 1968 (used in tandem with the CinemaScope logo)

1953 - 1987 (used in tandem with the original logo before its retirement in 1968)

Slightly different looking one here for CinemaScope 55 films

1935 fanfare returns for this one

1979 - 1987 fanfare

1981 - 1994 (This would serve as a template for the first CGI Fox logo)

Re-recording of the long fanfare used from 1982 to 1994

First CGI logo used from 1994 to 2009
This was the first version of the fanfare used from 1994 to 1997. This has an orchestra 3 times bigger than before and it was recorded in the same stage the original 1935 fanfare was recorded. This one's a bit more echoier towards the end.

And the current fanfare we all know and love, still used to this point today! First used in 1997's Anastasia, this was recorded by David Newman, the son of the composer of the original 1933 fanfare used by 20th Century Pictures, Alfred Newman. It was later instated as the current fanfare from January 1998 onwards.

And now we have the current iteration of the CGI tower, possibly will be retiring soon due to the name change. This was the 75th anniversary variant used in films like Avatar back in 2009.

And here's the normal version.

I'm very happy this logo and fanfare is staying with the new 20th Century Studios brand and I can't wait to see their new on-screen logo soon.

The first film to use the name will be a film called "Call of the Wild" due to be released on the 21st February so I suggest you guys see it if you wanna spot the first appearance of the new 20th Century Studios logo. It's directed by Chris Sanders, best known for the Disney classic Lilo and Stitch.

Meanwhile, the first film with the new Searchlight Pictures name and logo is "Downhill", also due for release on the 28th February here in the UK.
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Yes, they confirmed they would be restoring the original Simpsons at least for the US service, so I can't see them having the 16:9 ones here.

Also, I believe True Lies was the first film to have the 1994 logo/theme used which does sound a little nicer and punchier than the 1997-present version.

Sometimes modern films used the older logos that were used at the time the film is set for a nice little effect, but I doubt that would be happening now with 20th Century Studios as they won't want the Fox name seen, unless they do a recreation of it which would likely be too costly/time consuming.

And for completeness, all of their logos/variations are here in one video -
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I hope they don't go the route of removing the 20th Century Fox logo on older films, seeing as they want to distance themselves from the Fox name so much. Sadly the Fox name has become really toxic, especially since Trump's election.

It's a damn shame but I knew then that Disney had to kill off the brand after they bought it.

Truly the end of an era but the start of a new one.
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If people are interested in the launch, it's a decent idea to register interest. Am hearing that there might be an offer for pre-registrants on Annual Subs in the first month. (12 months for £45 has been mentioned as possible ... 25pct off)
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It's incredibly sad that Murdoch's tainted the name that's been in movies for 15 years before he was even born, and it's now been killed off on the big screen.

The Fox name still lives on in his corrupt little Trump supporting empire though.

Such an iconic name now fading into obscurity for all the wrong reasons...

Shame on Murdoch...
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