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BBC World News
Looks to be a problem with the graphics, old graphics with grey ticker on NC

Interesting that it's all lower case, didn't they try that when they first moved to NBH in 2013?

Yep, it was lower case back in early days of World News in NBH
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Just watched it back on iPlayer Live Rewind. It looks like the old graphics template was used but with some colour palette changes - maybe the new graphics palette applied to the old graphics?

Main graphics were removed at 13:08 but other graphics remained including the old BBC News box right at the end of the bulletin right up until Reith returned.
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Here's the full bulletin from BBC One's end in HD (no logo/ticker though):

Worth noting that on the closing sting on the News Channel, the 2013 box was displayed near the end, whilst on BBC One, no logo could be spotted. I usually watch the weekend bulletins via the News Channel though, so I don't know if the logoless end sting on BBC One is normal, if someone can confirm?
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