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Let's not forget the fact the backdrop from Studio N6 popped up on WNT in 2016

N6 lives on!!1!11 (bad pun intended)
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Let's not forget the fact the backdrop from Studio N6 popped up on WNT in 2016
N6 lives on!!1!11 (bad pun intended)

I think World News Today would be a better brand for Beyond 100 Day's, with other presenters filling Friday to Sunday like Nancy in London & Jon in Washington

As has been said the previous 20 times you've said this, the world news today brand is stuck in a previous era of world news and would be best off killed off completely. There is also absolutely no chance of Sopel being interested in presenting regularly on top of his job as north america editor let alone at weekends.
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Schedule's been updated for BBC One on 31 January with a BBC News special on air from 10pm-11:15pm, replacing the BBC News at Ten for the UK's departure from the EU.
Leaving the EU: BBC News Special
Live coverage of the moment the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, presented by Huw Edwards with reports and analysis from the BBC News team across the UK and around the world.

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