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The New ITV & BBC Weather Thread

BBC Thunderbolts - Are they Red, White or Blue... or yellow?

Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is ITV National weather still based at Millbank? I guess there will be changes today due to the gas leak and evacuation there.

Is Leeds still the back up or would they use GMB's facilities at TVC?
Write that down in your copybook now.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I thought they were in Gray's Inn Road.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Macalolo London London
I thought they were in Gray's Inn Road.
they’re in Millbank apart from days when ITV’s regional monthly political programmes and filmed and they’re have to film at GIR

39 days later

mccanmat London London
Ooops someone just broadcast Meridian weather to the London region
Lou Scannon West Country (East) Points West
Ooops someone just broadcast Meridian weather to the London region

Which sub-regional version of Meridian Weather was it?
Custard56 Recently warned London
I realise this is a stupid question that was probably answered when MeteoGroup first took over the BBC Weather contract but why is it that the cloud overlay (I don't know what the correct term is) cuts off at the presenter and you just see a strip of blue sea to the presenter's left? It looks like the graphics have been left incomplete.
Critique Anglia (East) Look East
Didn't the old graphics simply have a gradient fade in the same spot so that the cut-off was less noticeable?

The cloud overlay does appear in full with the MeteroGroup graphics when doing the forecast for something like more than 48 hours in the future, so it could just be a case that the more-accurate weather modelling stops at that cut-off point when doing the coming day etc, and there's less of an effort to cover it up than before? I agree that it doesn't look fantastic, although on the whole the graphics have certainly grown on me since their launch.
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Square Eyes Founding member
Is that a new sponsor for ITV Weather? Heinz beans.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is that a new sponsor for ITV Weather? Heinz beans.

Windy weather on the way.

8 days later

Juicy Joe Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
BBC Weather now has "Liverpool" labelled on their National map - just in case we didn't know where it was. This is new since the start of 2020. This means that Northern Ireland is now mostly covered by "Belfast", as is most of Wales by "Birmingham". How this improves the clarity of the weather presentation, is questionable
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Meridian AM Meridian (South) South Today
They shouldn't even have labels. Text that size on a small map like that is stupid.

They never had labels years ago.
Richard Granada North West Today
Fourth. It the day the bill started.

According to MHP:

1925 RADIO

Weekly broadcasts to the continent begin from Daventry


First edition of Blue Peter broadcast on BBC Television


BBC Les Platons in service (VHF Radio Relay)

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