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JasonB London London
They could play a proper break sting out going of this morning and stick a Copyright XXXX studios 2020 at the bottom of the this morning logo. I saw the ending today and it just looked sloppy with the end theme building up in the background and abruptly cutting it off with a few bars of the theme tune.
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TIGHazard Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
JAS84 posted:
Or they could just have no credits because there don't need to be any?
Surely the unions would insist that people get credit for their work? If there's no rules saying that they need credits, then there's no reason why all shows can't cut them - it'd make room for one more commercial per programme.

Quite a few programmes over the years have had no end credits. An example I remember is that ITV used to not show the end credits from their showings of Home and Away, due to timing. My ITV regional news doesn't have credits anymore, and if you watch Coronation Street, etc, the end credits are a lot shorter now than they were in the 90s and 00s. It is all to try to keep viewers.

And a lot of shows don't even have proper opening titles now, so they can get straight to the action, to try to keep viewers.

I'm still surprised that they don't air them, even if it was in the superfast blink-and-you'll-miss-it form that American television uses, with this being the best example.

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watchingtv Anglia (East) Look East
or have unreadable credits, with a black background ,this is would be as close as you could get.

My contribution is small but you are welcome.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Didn't one of the US networks used to run the credits over the first part of the next show?

The novelty will wear off sooner or later as always happens when somebody has such an idea.
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Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
In theory you could have worked for ITV Breakfast since 1993 and never been credited on screen.

For a daily daytime show, maybe they could have credits just on Fridays

Shows like Trisha used to have next to no credits at the end

The best credits are on ITV’s football coverage, as they only seem to exist because they need to credit the theme music.
So they go Presenters, Commentators, Pundits, Music and then just “ Production Team ITV SPORT”
They will get their name in lights every two years at the end of the summer tournaments though

Reminds me of years ago when SM:TV Live would end with Ant, Dec and Cat using the CD:UK microphones and they'd run the in-to-break sting rather than credits. The difference there though was that CD:UK was introduced with an ITV ident/continuity beforehand (whereas SM:TV was introduced with a CiTV ident with no announcer).

That's a good example but SMTV/CDUK were essentially the same show, same presenters, overall same production team etc. And of course the credits for both programmes were at the end of CD:UK. This is just a gimmick for me - Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women are completely different shows. Programmes like news and sport often have no or very short credits but for your average programme it's stepping outside the box. Re the mentions of American credits being slimmed down and running very fast, well yes...but this is the UK not America (yet).
Also what is this about them not having time for credits due to the LW promo? We are aware the show now has an extra half hour right? It's not the end of the world, just seems a bit pointless. Personally if I wanted to get more viewers I'd focus completely on the content.
TravisM (previously TravisM661) World News
Pretty much all daily shows in Australia don't have end credits. They may have a couple of quick graphics with sponsor logos but thats it.
JamesWorldNews STV Central World News
I’m surprised that no one here is commenting on yesterday’s LIVE handover from Phillip to Ruth. I would have imagined TVF to be in overdrive over that! Lol.
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Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Once again, you can probably assume that if we had seen it we would have already commented on it if it was sufficiently interesting.

What happened?
Write that down in your copybook now.
Meridian AM Meridian (South) South Today
I’m surprised that no one here is commenting on yesterday’s LIVE handover from Phillip to Ruth. I would have imagined TVF to be in overdrive over that! Lol.

It was mentioned on page 138...
all new Phil Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I don’t see a list of credits for the people who work on the delivery lorries or in the warehouse when I walk out of Morrisons. Why are people who work on TV so special?

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