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Westcountry Spotlight
I’m not really a fan of any of it if I’m honest. The new opening titles and voiceover are a bit of a mess, the voiceover just seems like it’s in the wrong order. Also skipped through the main show yesterday and it looks like the proper news roundups at 7 and 8 have gone, so there’s actually less news overall. I don’t think Piers and Susanna do the top story now either, so it’s only really headlines. The new beds sound nice, but when they’re used with the 2014 theme and stings, and the 2017 beds, it all sounds a bit of a mess.

The new half hour show essentially repeated itself yesterday after the local news, although this morning was a slight improvement with Ranvir in the studio. They could do with a quick paper review or a politics roundup when Ranvir is in Westminster, instead of going into fluff mode with Richard and Ross at 6:22.

As others have said, the small desk ends up looking quite strange in the ‘news corner’, especially the single presenter shot of Charlotte. The images on the screens are far too big up close, which loses the whole ‘gallery’ effect. The use of the big screen is nice though, it might actually look better with Charlotte stood in front of the main desk for the first part of the show.

For the second day running, Morgan couldn’t resist gatecrashing the end of the 30 min slot, disrupting Laura in the process.
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UTV Newsline
The opening intro should be for example - "Tuesday 7th January 2020, live from Television Centre in London, this is Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid" - simple intro.
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UTV Newsline
The voiceover screams NBC Today...
“*date* from NBC News, this is Today with *presenter A* & *presenter B* live from studio 1 A in Rockefeller Plaza” even the opening titles look like Today’s.
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UTV Newsline
Piers walked into the studio and 6:26 this morning and shouted “they wanna see us they don’t wanna see you” while Ranvir was talking about what was coming up on the main show.