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A few weeks late but I am surprised the BBC show the pope at Easter but he doesn't get shown live at Christmas.

Easter is more important religious wise to Christians than Christmas apparently - the church teaches Easter is the biggest feast of the year, whereas Christmas is the second great feast, so the BBC always show the pope at Easter because of this, and leave Christmas morning to alternating between Catholic Mass or Protestant Service.
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Not connected to RTÉ but Stephen Clements, who was a very popular host on Q Radio in NI who recently moved to BBC Radio Ulster has died suddenly at 47.
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Not connected to RTÉ but Stephen Clements, who was a very popular host on Q Radio in NI who recently moved to BBC Radio Ulster has died suddenly at 47.

What a shock to read that, he was on the air yesterday morning as usual. Only really started listening to him on Q Radio early last year and followed him to BBC Radio Ulster and I was a big fan of his show since he moved listening every day. As a regular visitor to Windsor Park I heard his voice every matchday as stadium announcer for the past few years and for me he was associated to our qualification for Euro 2016.

RIP Stephen, thoughts and prayers with his family, friends and former work colleagues at Q Radio & BBC Northern Ireland.
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I was literally speechless after hearing about Larry Gogan's death today. I was only reading a thread on boards.ie about him leaving RTÉ just before the start of 2020 very recently. Apparently he left RTÉ because it was either due to his ill health or he was nearing the end of his contract with them. After he turned 65; he than became a contractor for RTÉ with his contract being renewed every year or so. That is what kept his radio career going when he officially switched from RTÉ 2FM to RTÉ Gold in January of last year. Ray Darcy said on his radio show on RTÉ Radio 1 today that Larry's voice was like aural honey & dark chocolate. His voice was delicious to listen to on radio.

Larry had a presented & provided commentary on a lot of TV programmes relating to music throughout his career for RTÉ Television programming. He did plenty of music programmes for it like Tips of The Tops, RTÉ Proms, National Song Contest & commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest for many years.

He also did some TV advert's for Special K in the 1980's. I will put them up here as a small tribute to him.

RIP Larry Gogan. You were a great legend of the airwaves. Sad
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Virgin Media Television unveiled their Spring 2020 schedule today.

Highlights include:
The second season of the Virgin Media Television Original Drama, Blood, will air on Virgin Media One in February.
Love Island will begin to air on Virgin Media One this coming Sunday and in June also.
The Guards: Inside The K is a brand new documentary series that's due in March, offering viewers unprecedented access to the work carried out by An Garda Síochána in some of the toughest scenarios possible.
Virgin Media One will have live coverage of every game of the Guinness Six Nations with new coach Andy Farrell in charge of the Irish.
The Late Tackle is a brand new entertainment show with a focus on rugby. It launches at the end of January, presented by Six O’Clock Show Presenter Muireann O’Connell and Love Island winner Greg O’Shea.
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With the changes in ITV Daytime shows this past week, I wonder would that have affected VM channels in Ireland if they still carried ITV daytime shows?

Does anyone know if all ITV Daytime shows were simulcast on VM (I assume GMB was never simulcast).