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With regards to Saturday Night Takeaway, I have heard it will be produced from Television Centre, the original home of the BBC - that will look strange if they use TC1, given the show uses the outside of their studio building a lot, as they did with Studio 1 at London Studios.

A precedent for the exterior of TVC featuring prominently in ITV programmes has already been established in GMB and This Morning though, so it won't be all that strange! The latter has certainly done outdoor segments of the programme since moving to TVC, as well as the building featuring in their title sequence. I'm not aware of it featuring in GMB beyond their title sequence though.

And it is of course referred to by the distinctly sans-"BBC" name of just "Television Centre" within such programmes. A&DSNT would of course do likewise, not least of all because that is the facility's de facto name nowadays.

Plus, Auntie Beeb has well and truly established the exterior of NBH as its signature building image in recent history, through the likes of The One Show and the NC countdown.
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The musical sting "who are ya, who are ya, whos that behind the mask" is already stuck in my head.

I'm really enjoying it so far...Joels super white teeth are distracting but it good to see someone different given a prime time presenting role instead of the same old boring conveyor belt of Holly n' Phil, Ant n' Dec, Dermot, Emma Willis etc
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Gave this a try tonight, it's oddly watchable.

The bits where the panel are trying to guess the singers identity is very much like the equivalent in Through The Keyhole, only without the audience being able to clap if they're getting warmer.

When I saw the standard of 'celebrity' at the end I realised it was even more like Through The Keyhole! Confused
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St Paul's in Duck's clue could point to Tessa Sanderson who married there. Ditto the church being seen in Queen bee's video. People don't seem to be picking up the background visual clues in the VT's which are there.