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Can I just be Mr Pedantic and point out that the thing on Christmas Day is not and never has been called 'The Queens Speech'

I didn’t call it ‘The Queen’s Speech’. I called it the Queen’s speech.

Edit: apologies if this post comes across as angry or passive aggressive. It didn’t come across that way in my head but re-reading it, it does. I was attempting to be pedantic about pedantry.
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Granada North West Today
Week 52 of ITV Creates began at 6am this morning, with Anna Lomax's work for the 'exploding confetti' logo. Although the first broadcast doesn't actually show the cylinders explode. Additionally always the sticklers for accuracy in this junction at ITV, it also contains an incorrect pre-recorded announcement which mentions Boxing Day but is still promoting GMB, despite the fact the show was not on in favour of CITV shows today. (Though it does still start with a big C spouting toxic gas so...)

First 6am broadcast, complete with wrong programme announcement
* *

Main Youtube Video
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Considering the announcement referenced starting the day with a bang - maybe a different version of the ident had been expected to play out. Bit of a mess all round on this one.

Now, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough, but I'm wondering if the exploding confetti will be saved for New Year's Day? ITV's own video seems to suggest so.
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Ah, yes. Confetti on TV, that won't cause any problems...

Logistically speaking, I take it we'll (hopefully) see this ident until New Year's Day, when we'll get a new ident to take us to the following Monday?
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Something went a bit amiss with that GMB announcement then, surprising that wasn't picked up by anyone involved. Not sure GMB has ever had a Boxing Day edition?

The confetti has exploded on the more recent showings today, several different versions as normal.
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Well, if we don't get Project 104, I suppose we have to resort to these...

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