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JKDerry2,456 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
Did ITV ever bother providing a live entertainment show for New Year's Eve? I seem to remember the odd Des O'Connor special, Dame Edna special etc.

ITV just hand it over to the news with Alastair as they know most watch BBC One
Steve Williams3,002 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Where they live though? Or pre recorded?

Well, they were certainly sold as being live. It's funny how they seemed to be just as big stars as on the Beeb now, but they did absolutely bugger all in the ratings. They weren't related to the current BBC1 concerts, they just happened to be a concert on New Year's Eve - in much the same way BBC2 used to do one in the eighties.

There was a live episode of Des O'Connor Tonight in 1987/88 with live links across the UK, that would presumably have been a suitable alternative to the Beeb showing 'stEnders up to midnight. After that it was a load of odds and sods before in 1991 we got what we had for most of the nineties and what we get now, just the news at midnight, sometimes in the middle of a film.

The John Leslie one mentioned up there was probably the one in 1997/98 when they were live at Edinburgh Hogmanany, but I think that was just the STV coverage networked (as was the case up until the mid-eighties) rather than anything special for the network as a whole.
Andrew14,259 posts since 27 Mar 2001
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Yes I remember when ITV did Take That up to midnight, it was seen as the most effort they’d put in for years. I don’t know if they did something similar another year, but of course they rated no better than when they didn’t do any effort so they stopped doing it.

I don’t know what BBC One were showing up against but I’m guessing it was either a pre recorded Jonathan Ross style Show or the early days of New Year Live when it lasted much longer and was a load of nonsense with the likes of Natasha Kaplinsky hosting.
JKDerry2,456 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
The BBC must have a deal signed with Westminster Central Hall, as this now seems to be the norm for their New Year's Eve live party event on BBC One. "Rocks Big Ben" seems to be their go to title for the show now.