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Election Night Results 2019: Presentation and Coverage

(December 2019)

I've never seen the point of the Alternative Election coverage on Channel 4, surely it'd be better just to do a Channel 4 News election coverage,
Inspector Sands
Jonwo posted:
I've never seen the point of the Alternative Election coverage on Channel 4, surely it'd be better just to do a Channel 4 News election coverage,

You don't understand the idea of offering an alternative?
BFGArmy Channel Channel Islands
The camera sweeps across Sky Central for the exit poll/the moment the Tories won a majority/the end of the overnight programme combined with that music was quite epic viewing.

Fair play to Sky too as it could easily have been underwhelming. Maybe this is the sleep deprivation talking but it did have an element of the 'lost in a dark car park' titles ITV News had between 2009-2013 (even the music seemed to have a vague, vague resemblance) but much, much better done and of course Sky Central is much more impressive visually than whatever the ITV News titles from that era were supposed to be.
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Sophie Raworth's bit was near pointless, all what seemed to be taken from it, was that there used to be a load of red here, and now there isn't. It was a gimmick that was basically irrelevant.

Its also debatable how much we get from Vine's stuff these days, the whole 'flag stones to number 10' business where there is often so much info, you can barely see it.

This is actually the problem. There is simply too much gimmickry for the graphics to be of actual use. It feels really like those whole segments are there just to distract whilst guests change or a bathroom break rather than a genuine effort to properly inform. They've used that same pavement up Downing Street for the past two or three elections and it just doesn't work! You can't read the text, then you might have a close up of the idiot Vine bouncing around vaguely pointing at something on the floor whilst spewing a load of words so not only do you need to focus on what he may or may not be pointing at, but then you have to listen hard to what his awful vocal delivery. Overly complex swingometers introduced hours in to the coverage with an explanation of swing despite dozens and dozens of declaration results showing a swing graphic. That wall of constituencies that took about four different swipes movements to get through. People like Chakrabati who just cannot do the job of speaking whilst operating the touchscreen in complete contrast to Christian Fraser in the afternoon who could use it effortlessly.

How can it be that programmes such as 1992 and 1997 had that great mix of informative, yet simple graphics mixed with yes a bit of light humour when required? We had nothing like that famous 1997 flyover showing Tory safe seats crumbling to Labour for example which would really have shown the scale of defeat of Labour heartlands last night. Yes thats a clear gimmick but it totally made sense and most importantly conveyed some complex data in a simple but memorable manner. A squiggly pavement of hexagons or endless flipper graphics just aren't as effective.
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Jonwo posted:
I've never seen the point of the Alternative Election coverage on Channel 4, surely it'd be better just to do a Channel 4 News election coverage,

You don't understand the idea of offering an alternative?

Well there are 3 alternative election programmes, and if you don’t want to watch, surely the alternative is to not watch the results and go to Bed?

I can’t see why anyone would stay up all night to watch the results and do so by not actually watching the results!
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thegeek Founding member London London
Here's the opening of BBC Alba's election coverage (more like an extended edition of An La... Oh well)
Still with the old Election theme (Arthur 2010 that is)
EDIT: Skip to 0:40

I like the title sequence (despite the wrong music), particularly that they've added the logo on to the banners on the street lights on Buchanan Street:
Avatar credit: SMPTE RP198
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BFGArmy Channel Channel Islands
Nice to see Joey Jones popping up just now on CNNI's The Brief. The Sky News political team is very strong but I do miss Joey being a part of that time - he was a truly excellent political correspondent.
mromega Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Article on the BTS at Sky News:
Rich Tea Anglia (West) Look East
Jonwo posted:
I've never seen the point of the Alternative Election coverage on Channel 4 , surely it'd be better just to do a Channel 4 News election coverage,

You don't understand the idea of offering an alternative ?

The trouble with Channel 4 is they probably wanted to offer up an alternative election night result to the one we actually got.
030293 Wales Wales Today
Don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but GMB used a new bed after the titles this morning. I quite like it.

I woke up just beforr 6am to catch the goings on since I crashed out at 2am. Thought I could hear some new music but now I've got it in my earphones it's.much clearer.

I really want to like it.. i think there's a bit too much overlap between different styles of themes at points (2:28 onwards), and then the crash into the normal sting. It's a shame a whole "election package" wasn't built in the new style.

Would be interested to hear the full clean theme though Wink
DPE123 Central (West) Midlands Today
A bit late in the day but just caught up on a lot of the BBC coverage - some thoughts:

I think the election programme has slightly become a victim of its previous success, and after three elections in five years it does feel like some areas need a rethink. Of course this was also their first time without two big elements- the massive set at Elstree (still not very clear why they chose to be at NBH instead) and Dimbleby, and as many have said it did feel rather flat.

Positives- technically it seemed slicker, Huw was well on top of things, the analysis was quick and to the point and Andrew Neil at the interview desk should have been a permanent fixture long ago. I seem to remember lots of sound issues and clumsy links last time round, this was much more competent and the BBC will probably feel happy that the ship has been steadied. I thought the mix of declarations and talking to guests was sensible, and the Reith-ed graphics looked good and worked well.

However... the studio didn't look great and the opening and build to the exit poll was very underwhelming. The VR didn't really work- surely it has either look convincingly real so that you actually believe the studio to be bigger than it is, or else be more visually pleasing than you could achieve without the VR, otherwise what's the point? This was neither, the fake atrium backdrop looked cheap and thrown together, and the effect of Vine's studio being through a portal linked to the main studio is only what they used to do at Elstree anyway.

The outside map is completely superfluous- if we have analysis of individual seats at the big screen, and the national picture with Vine, then what is Sophie supposed to be doing, other than chatting to members of the public- as someone else said up the thread it looked like a local Children in Need opt. Reeta would be better used for the bulletins if we must have them, with Sophie at the big screen and then sack off the map.

The biggest thing it was all missing I felt was just an injection of humour. Sitting down to watch Dimbleby with a twinkle in his eye, knowing regardless of the result it will be a big event and you're guaranteed a few chuckles along the way. The Vine segments also used to bring a touch of silliness, bricks collapsing, personalities being knocked over etc. but now it's just a virtual House of Commons and that path up Downing Street and then a big list of target seats.

I know Huw is highly professional and the obvious choice but I do wonder if Emily overnight instead would give it all a bit more energy. Anyway I hope they can build on this next time given we have pretty much guaranteed a 4 year+ parliament now, and go for something a bit more spectacular next time, and surely going back to a purpose built set would help them do this.
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Inspector Sands

Well there are 3 alternative election programmes, ,

No, there are 3 regular election programmes doing the same sort of coverage in slightly different styles
and if you don’t want to watch surely the alternative is to not watch the results and go to Bed?

Unless you're interested in the election but don't want the serious coverage the news broadcasters provide.

There's plenty of alternatives to the election coverage, what Channel 4 offer is alternative coverage. There is definately room for something that's not just news, and if the aim is to get as many people interested and engaged in politics then that sort of thing is necessary

I saw nothing of this years but there have been some decent attempts at it in the past. If you have a look at the YouTube Gold thread there's a video of 1997s Election Night Armistice as an example
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