"Live from Television Centre"

Just looking for a voiceover of this - no background music. (December 2019)

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Owen A
Does anyone have a clean voiceover of "Live from Television Centre" or "Live from BBC Television Centre" and would be willing to give it me please?

I'm not too bothered what programme it would be from, so any pre-ITV Daytime - such as the old Strictly one I could use. If anyone has the GMB one used everyday in the titles/ TOTH that would be great too.

If you're not bothered what it's from, why not record it yourself?
Owen A
I wouldn't record it myself, just because voiceover artists know what they're doing, and have made a career out of them speaking. I would not sound anywhere near as good as the guy who does the GMB one, for example. Laughing
I have one that says 'live from itv studios in london' with no background music but not television centre

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