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TBH The Christmas titles aren't that old so perhaps they'll change them next year.

Also due to the election coverage, I wonder if this will be the first year that Holly and Phil don't do five days for their final week in December or Holly and Phil will finish a week later on the 20th December.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
People surprised at the decision by Richard & Judy to present an episode of This Morning might be interested to know that they are signed to James Grant (now YMU Group) and a certain Mr Jack Madeley is one of the agency's senior talent managers.
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They are using the Christmas titles from 2017.

They didn't use them last year, as Holly was on I'm a Celebrity.

Even though Holly was down under last year, the 2017 Christmas titles were used, complete with same edit as this years to the start:

Slight geeky moment, I noticed from this morning’s edition that the ‘with phillip & holly’ tagline appeared on the taxi sign over Holly’s shoulder but it was plain ‘this morning’ on the close up.
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I don't think anyone has mentioned it but Richard and Judy are going to be presenting this morning again Richard has said. They are happy to do a couple of shows. They are working it out at the minute with their workloads. The Editor told them that the viewers loved it. I was worried the Gogglebox feedback would have done them some harm. Seems not thankfully.
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The Gogglebox feedback was completely out of touch with the general receptition their return got, so thankfully it's not going to be a factor. If anything the only thing it has probably stopped them doing, by their choice, is any future appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox.
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The Sun has 2 pages about Lord Schofield tomorrow.
The backstage tension, ups and downs with Holly, unhappy studio workers and an official complaint about him made by Ruth.
There are also a lot of viewers and the wider public not happy with him after his controversial political interviews this week. Many seem to have 'gone off' him.
#ThisMorning has certainly been busy making the news this week...
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A lot of people on Twitter saying they've always been fans of him but they have been disappointed by his actions this week. I can't say I blame those who have expressed dissatisfaction at his interview style with Corbyn compared to Johnson. You can't be Andrew Neil one day and Lorraine Kelly the next, especially with an election in a week's time! Poor form.
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On the one hand it reads very similarly to the accusations made about Simon Cowell in the US about the star of the show thinking they're untouchable and everyone being too scared to do anything about it.

On the other hand you realise it is written by Dan Wootton and actually amounts to little more than Holly asking Phil not to make her look like an alcoholic and Ruth complaining she was cut off during one promo.

That said with all shows, and indeed probably in all walks of life, an asset often becomes a burden and I think the feeling is Phil has now done his time on This Morning and it would benefit from a change, and I think if they can keep hold of Holly (despite previous suggestions they'd leave together) and make a sensible choice for her co-host (Ben Shepherd works very well with her) the show would be fine. Lose them both and they either take the risk of not going for the obvious replacements (they might not both want to do 4 days a week anyway) or finding the safe choice is a little bit too safe.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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