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I do follow TV Ark on Twitter, but not only do I not look at every post you make, but I don't necessarily remember posts made 8 months ago

I was going to leave this well alone, but no people keep on liking it and other why? Let's make this VERY CLEAR that tweets was RETWEETED only a few weeks ago. Of course that by n by I was trying to be helping and make off the cuff remake. I bet if anyone else had made that, no one would have given a monkey, or make other comments.

because you think everybody takes your contributions the wrong way..

Cleary they did Neil Jones, including yourself, people have not clicked,

Perhaps you would do best to remember, when your assume stuff doesn't make it right or truthful.

Shame on you Rob, Not surprising.
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ITV1 ad break and junction from early in the November 2004 revamp.

Couple of observations: when they launched this revamp, initially the idea was that they'd use clips of the upcoming programme and later programmes as part of the ident. I believe TV Ark stated that they took on extra staff to produce these. However they were short-lived and only lasted around a year, probably less. Also, this is now 15 years old. The relentless march of time.

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Sky Movies Premier Widescreen off air loop 2002.

Premier's ident at that time I think was one of my favourite idents but is one I can never find, with the falling/floating woman. A really lovely sequence

This one? (at 37 seconds).


There was also a Star Wars variation on YouTube but I can’t seem to find it anymore.
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