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Host The Week on Channel 4 in 2017 lasted for 1 episode. A full series was commissioned but after the first episode it was scrapped due to terrible ratings.

was a shame all the other episodes never got made enjoyed the episode that was made it was love islands fault why it got axed

Has anyone translated this post yet?

"It was a shame that all of the other episodes never got made. I enjoyed the episode that was made. It was Love Island's fault it got axed."
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Well, I meant shortest-lived programme on the ITV News Channel. Of course there are going to be shows that only last one episode before being pulled (Host the Week for example).

There are a few examples of this and they have their own Wikipedia page:

There is one show that got pulled half way through their first episode:

And 1970s American comedy which was pulled by one station half way through and some others on the west coast saw it on the east coast feed and pulled it at the last minute
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From my own collection, TCC in 1998. They didn’t even bother telling viewers that they weren’t coming back tomorrow, nor telling them to retune to Trouble which gained extra broadcasting hours as a result of TCC’s demise (as the CNBC simulcast broadcast on Trouble/Bravo was switched to Challenge TV)...

and a caption to advise that EBN (European Business News) had ceased broadcasting and merged with CNBC. Whilst I don’t have a video of the closure itself, this caption was displayed on its channel for a couple of days (looks like it was generated by Cable & Wireless) before being removed altogether.