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Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)

Wow now that is a comprehensive forecast. 5 and a half mins is somewhat overdoing it I reckon, especially the city by city forecast, that said I guess the potential differential of weather is high from north to south. It seems our forecasts get shorter here in the U.K. Just pointing to websites for more details (which in reality is minimal in itself!)
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BBC World News

I really like the set (maybe tweak the desk a bit) with the graphics on the video wall it gives it a three dimensional feel. Like during the weather the animating pillars to each side of the screen gave a bit of depth, particularly the one that (for lack of a better description) looked like it was a sheet of metal with holes drilled in. The augmented reality seemed good, not to much and was useful. Maybe there was more but I fast forwarded and only saw the logo (which looked real) and the weather bit. I’ll admit I was expecting a bit more with the virtual dropped down floor showing the map of New Zealand - maybe some clouds or a radar. But maybe that changes with the forecast from what I saw it appeared mostly clear. The additional AR during the weather with the highs and lows I though would be slightly better if they were bar graphs showing the difference. I particularly liked the mention of how many layers were needed in major cities.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
On its 50th anniversary today "svt Rapport" (main evening news of the swedish public television) received a new studio und design:


Here's a YouTube clip:


I like the new look set and graphics, more in line with SVT's recent corporate rebrand.

Also noticed the new music has the little sound motif featured at the end of SVT1 and 2's idents.

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