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Inspector Sands13,971 posts since 25 Aug 2004

Which one do you think is the best overall?

So many to choose from but The Snowman spoof has got to be their best. Really well made, beautiful looking and timeless....unlike:


We never thought mum was the punchline per say, more the reaction to what she said

The joke is the unexpected thing the mother sings. The reaction shots are just a bonus laugh.

Either way, it's probably not an ad they'd run today
Xilla215 posts since 29 Nov 2003
They didn't get away with it when it got repeated a few years after it originally aired IIRC.

The ad with the grandad was my favourite, to be honest the end result of that slurping was probably more drinkable than the rubbish they're calling Irn-Bru these days Wink
Steve Williams2,876 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Here's the Satkids page on Telegantic Megavision, which is written by Steve Williams, I'm assuming the same one of this parish unless I'm corrected otherwise:


Yes, a long time ago now, that page is way older that Telegantic Megavision was when I "wrote" it (ie, emailed the guy with some info). As I probably said on there, at the start it was a really boring programme and then halfway through it had a pretty radical revamp and got in a whooping crew and just became the most generic Saturday morning show you'd ever seen. But I recorded it every week because I recorded any old rubbish in those days, plus it showed Warner Bros cartoons, and you could fast forward through it in about fifteen minutes.

Some depressing replies to that tweet, BTW.
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