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Central (West) Midlands Today
Didn't the first Paddington premiere on C4 - they've certainly shown it a few times.

The trailer posted above makes no references to Paddington,, but Paddington 2. Channel 4 may still have the first one, last seen in October on Film4.
All the other films have already been through the Sky mill, except for Sound of Music which isn't new to any service and only ever seems to be aired at Christmas (and maybe Easter) and ceases to exist for the rest of the year...
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HTV Wales Wales Today
BBC Alba got a new ident today too..
Only one for now
Not sure where to post this. Oh well



OK, usually want to complain about people not editing clips properly and having irrelevant content at the beginning but that's the first time I've seen that animated version of the Albert Sustainable Productions endcap - actually far more interesting than the ident. Talented bloke that Albert Sustainable - somebody give him a BAFTA. Laughing
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Looks like there are no more idents, unless we get one after MOTD2 which I doubt.
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Wrapping paper is simple but nice. Still don't get how the cat on the roomba fits in with all of this.

In the #Xmaslife trail, you'll see the cat in the scene with the couple watching the box sets... bottom right corner of the screen.
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Wales Today
Absolutely hate it. The music is just TERRIBLE. What has a gospel choir singing Gorillaz got to do with Christmas? Also, I don't get the theme at all, nothing seems to link them. Only thing I like is the animation of ●ne into one. 1/10.
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