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So Sky and ITV both launched Christmas pres in November!

Still not as early as some of the French channels. The Canal group channels launched their pres earlier this month! I'm expecting TF1 and France Télévisions to launch theirs next week. Always a treat to see the Christmas France 3 idents with Les Marmottes.
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Must be a fair few years since any of the big players launched their Christmas look later than the previous year.

It's actually more recently than you might have thought. In 2015, the BBC launched their festive idents on Tuesday December 1st. The following year, it was Sunday December 4th.
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Looking at Digiguide for New Year's Eve, it looks like ITV News will air its late bulletin at 22.45 - with "Big Ben at Midnight" taking ITV & UTV viewers through the bells.

ITV London from 11:55pm to 12:10am posted:
The traditional chimes of Big Ben herald the dawn of 2020.

If that's correct, would it simply be a live feed of the South Bank, or will they have a presenter of some sorts? Could still be provided by ITN, without the ITV News branding.
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Missed this but according to the Guardians round up of election coverage John Bercow is delivering the Alternative Christmas Message for C4 this year.

I appreciate C4 are playing to their ideological base with this choice, but what's 'Alternative' about the apotheosis of the political establishment is open to question.

It depends on your definition of 'alternative'. Some consider Eton and Oxbridge educated career politicians as alternative these days.

Surely in this case though, 'alternative' simply refers to a message from someone who isn't the Queen.