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Yes, I seem to remember they had stills handy in the stills store along with breakdown slides etc. So maybe in that breakdown the director went for a stills store output and picked one with an ident still rather than a breakdown slide loaded on it.

Of course one use for these was for obits as seen when the Queen Mum died
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This has been posted in this thread before it seems, and probably numerous times elsewhere on this forum, but I don't think I've actually seen it until now. It's probably the most dramatic breakdown I've seen yet. The picture and sound on a film cuts suddenly to black, then fifteen seconds later there's a brief burst of static to scare the living **** out of you - what happened there?

My first thought was that the actual transmitter had broken down, but I don't think that would be the case with the interruption being so short. When the announcer first comes back, his voice is distorted, so it must have been quite a major breakdown rather than it being something like forgetting to change the film reel.

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This may have been posted before, in the 95 pages of this thread. The "Richard Littlejohn Live & Uncut" clip from LWT, where some unsuitable content (!) is switched to air - not knowing whether LWT's Pres Desk was mostly hard-wired sources, or whether VTs and studios were assigned to the desk as Outside Sources, I don't know quite how this would have happened.

The Announcer, Peter Lewis according to the comments, sounds as shocked as the viewer would have been.

I first saw this on the 10th Birthday 'Worst Cockups' LNN party tape, which has long-since been taken down from YouTube. There were some crackers on that.

It's on YouTube, and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK - put "TV Takeover Sex clip on Live ITV Night time show" into a search on YouTube and it should be there. Not posting a link to it.
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Certainly a strange one. The fact that it took so long to back to the breakdown slide when they rejoined the film the first time without sound is intriguing, plus that the sound still wasn't there for 10 seconds or so when they went back a second time.

1997 was the era of separate analogue and digital pres suites, but all of the scenarios I can think of seem a bit far fetched.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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