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How many quiz shows do ITV need in their daytime slot?

The Switch - with Sanjeev Bhaskar
Tipping Point - with Ben Shephard
Cash Trapped - with Bradley Walsh

Heavy saturation is going on here.

They should stick to one per day or put them at primetime or in the mornings.
The Tuesday 6-9 Show With Michael

Every Tuesday

(Hopefully) on Burnley College Radio.
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They should bring back 'The People Versus' with Kaye Adams. Was a good daytime quiz show back in the early 00's.

I think Wheel of Fortune could work again as a daily quiz show. Still going strong in the U S.
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There was a time where quiz shows weren't particularly fantastic:

Isn't that a poor remake of Bob's Full House?

Not one of ITV's finest attempts it has to be said. Bob's Full House but live with a playalong element tacked on. The idea was for the in studio game to finish at the same time as the viewer game but this rarely happened, so one side or the other was playing catch up.

The ultimate cheapness in "home interaction" gameshows came courtesy of Channel 5 from 2002 to 2007, which only ended as it got caught up in the 2007 phone in scandal: