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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Entrance to the Corrie studios used again tonight, supposedly as the entrance of "HM Prison Highfield".

Very flexible building, it's been a prison, hospital and Freshco so far.

And Bessie Street School too.

It is surprising how many buildings in Weatherfield all have the same distinctive grey patterned brickwork.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
We even saw the back of it from across the Manchester Ship Canal in one episode.

Also, another close look at last night's episode, you can see the top of the dot in the i in the ITV logo where they've covered it up with a prison sign, you can also see one of the big satellite dishes behind the gates.

It's the same in Emmerdale where the outside of the Kirkstall Road studios has been used as several different buildings, most often a hospital.
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Not surprising really- it's not like they edited them the day of broadcast. IIRC it closed around November so they may have had until the end of the year sorted, perhaps a bit longer with the Christmas break in mind. Possible to there was a view that ITV3 would pick them up too, just took 14 years longer than they might have hoped.
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