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I don't think Russell Howard has been on during an election period before, so his current Sky One show is full of equal amounts of time bashing the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems.

On The Last Leg last week, after about 6 years mostly having a go at the tories, Adam said that he couldn’t decide who to vote for this year as they are all as bad as each other followed by a skit slating Jeremy Corbyn. Guest Nish Kumar hadn’t read the memo though and didn’t agree.

Neither did Twitter. Particularly disabled folk who can't afford to go private and bear the brunt of brutal NHS/welafre cuts. For those people it's lazy false equivalence and actually they're not "all the same". 'The Last Leg' has always been rather toothless but for a show that has built it's identity around disability it seems increasingly out of touch with it's audience.
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I see there’s a new promo for the Election on the BBC that’s just aired for the first time.

Strangely enough for whatever reason it’s in 4:3 with black bars at the sides.

It a subliminal message that we could be transported back to the 1970s

I think you’re right!

I found this quite atrocious and amusing at the same time:

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The sort of Twitter thread everyone in here should love, a peak behind the (technical) curtain:

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Sky News seem to find themselves in the unfortunate location of near a marching band protest in Salford... Almost unbroadcastable

They should bring Dermot inside into the spin room really

That will explain why Sam Coates has just introduced himself and his guest in the green room coming out of the break.
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