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Still might be a bit confusing

Also the names they bring in a few days in are generally there to disrupt the routines and friendships that have built up, I’m not sure Kirk from Corrie would do this!

On that note though, I’m guessing they may go back to 2 late names coming in, as last year the late entrant was based all around Noel Edmonds playing the emperor role.

Is was based around Noel too because his fee for doing the show equalled to two extra celebs for a normal year apparently.
And then he got voted out quickly anyway.
Looking forward to its return. I don't watch any other reality show but I always watch I'm A Celebrity each year.
I'm not sure what to think about this years line up, TBH. Normally there's some people I'm either looking forward, or dreading, to watch. But that's not really the case with this group. As usual, I've only really heard of about half and have little knowledge about the reality or soap stars, and of the ones that I have heard of, I don't have any strong opinions about them either way.
I am glad to hear that Scarlett Moffat has left the Extra Camp show. I used to watch it when Caroline Flack and Laura Whitmore hosted it but found it unwatchable with Vicky Pattison and then Scarlett Moffatt. I'll give it a go now Emily Atack has taken over and see if it's bearable or not. If not, I'm sure I'll still enjoy the main show.
Would they have two people called Andrew?

The first Australian series did. Flintoff and Daddo. They used Flintoff's nickname Freddie to avoid the confusion.!_(Australian_TV_series)

The only season of the Romanian version had two ladies called Elena. Now THAT must have been confusing!,_scoate-m%C4%83_de_aici!

Huh.... you know that Caitlyn Jenner's taking part this year, well, she did the US version back when she was still Bruce Jenner.!_(American_TV_series)
Channel 10 are already airing trailers for the Australian version which starts on 5 January.
A couple of seconds of the VT clock there
Upload TV
The Live DOG is huge Confused
The Live DOG is huge Confused

I dont like tge size of the live bug imo.
This Ant’s taking to working with Dec quite nicely, he’s clearly no Holly but looks like they might work well together.
They've moved the Live bug outside of safe areas and super sized it. Hmmmm.
I wonder will they ask Nadine when was she born?
I think the Live DOG and the tiles have been remastered for this years series. They look super crisp on ITV HD.

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