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Maybe an issue for asa to look at.
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I've never managed to successfully do that

just click on the link and place the link, hopeful that helps.


Yes, that's what I do, but it just posts a load of html code. I'll try harder

Make sure to remove the question mark and anything after it.

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I think if we want to see day to day tweets of broadcasters and respond to them we can do so on Twitter.

It seems reasonable to repost them here only if they reveal information about programming or presentation.

It's more than that though. If a channel's presentation includes plastering presenters' Twitter addresses on screen, viewers should not expect to see impartial Tweets.

If channels are promoting the presenter's Twitter I would consider it to be an extension of the TV output and subject to broadly similar editorial guidelines including impartiality.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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Saw some clips of Ridge on Youtube (particularly the part where she interviewed Jo Swinson).

I have to say, as a tv studio and presentation area, that “box” (is it the box?) is as dull as an old office in Slough! It’s a boring, unimaginative presentation area and miles away from the current crop of studios in use elsewhere.

I know I’m relatively late to the party here, but really. What are they thinking of?
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