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Incidently I forgot to say, I think part of the issue with that ident was that they used it for both idents and for the 'coming up next' announcement before each break. Probably got a little bit bored of it. It was a bit of a bad time for LWT's pres, but what came next was one of the best
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Thanks for the comments, I've been overwhelmed by the response to this episode, it makes doing this very worthwhile.

Just confirmed Anthony Davis (Stake Out on Challenge, voiceover and announcer) as my first guest of the second series in 2020.

The man, the mystery, the host of TV's ruthless quiz show - wonderful stuff!

Maybe we will be able to find out, once and for all, if Anthony Davis really did his own introduction at the start of StakeOUT or if it was someone else? Exciting times.
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Great episode rob! It's good to hear behind the scenes of the final days of LWT, and Trish is right, these things are almost always conjured up from staff on the frontline than boardrooms.
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