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SuperSajuuk297 posts since 24 Feb 2018
STV North Reporting Scotland
I don’t like it either, who decided that the live video camera behind the presenter should be replaced by a CGI graphic? Also they have changed exactly nothing about the studio except some colour tweaks.

This is a great example of "changing things just for the sake of it when nothing needed to be changed". Reporting Scotland is not the News Channel, but it’s being presented like it is.
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Owen_ploc140 posts since 11 Jun 2019
BBC World News
Here’s a whole bulletin from Monday in case anyone missed it

And as a bonus, here’s the final bulletin before the revamp
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Jamesypoo1,474 posts since 3 Apr 2005
Anglia (East) Look East
The new titles just look like a mock re-colouring of the national titles with a couple of dodgy made up shots thrown in for good measure. The music doesn't really match them either, in my opinion - it doesn't go anywhere particularly.

Also, has anyone noticed that the globe on the holding animation in the studio is just static with some white rings going over the top of it every so often?
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