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Steph McGovern will not be returning to BBC Breakfast. She's to present a new live show for Channel 4.

Such an original show name. That'll please some on here no end! Laughing
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The title is dire. But interesting to announce a show before the studios have even been completed being built yet.

I know there’s been no decision of her future on Watchdog, but it will be a shame if she leaves that too. Though if she does go - they need a hard hitting journalist to take the helm and don’t just put Michelle Ackerley in her place as I predict they will do.
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I don't consider Steph McGovern to be a huge loss to BBC Breakfast as its business presenter and occasional stand-in main host - it's not like Bill Turnbull leaving or a Susanna Reid-esque defection. Though it is the loss of a familiar face. The good thing is that Breakfast already has Ben Thompson in place as their other familiar business presenter.

To be honest, it's the kind of news I was expecting to hear first about Naga Munchetty, following the BBC debacle surrounding her.

Does anyone know whether this is Channel 4 venturing back into breakfast television or is it later in the morning / day?
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