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UPDATE | Extension to 31st Jan 2020 (November 2018)

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CNNi will have special coverage from 9am tomorrow.
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The Nine on BBC Scotland got their main presenters in to present the Friday bulletin this evening, with Martin at Westminster.

Considering the serious implications for Scotland should the deal be approved, they may want to scrap tomorrow's Seven Days and extend The Seven to an hour.

Not that anyone will watch it, of course.
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And here we go, folks. An interesting day ahead. Good luck to all of us, whatever outcome we individually desire.

Let’s hope it’s in the best interests of the nation.

The story has (so far) led all of the news bulletins I’ve seen this morning, both regionally in the MidEast and internationally.

This is definitely a big deal. And the overall sentiment (if that’s the correct word) seems to suggest the vote will go through.

Brexit fatigue, perhaps.
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BBC listings and radio times now have Geeta Guru- Murthy on BBC 2 with the News Special until it switches to BBC 1 at 13.15.
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Jonwo posted:
They could have put pointless on at 5.15 and then the 6 at 6 leading into Strictly.

The News isn't exactly a great lead in.

It might be today, with SCD following it, there could be a record audience
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Feels like a bad news day either way today.

Do have to agree with two common comments across social media regarding coverage of this deal in particular, and arguably Theresa May's deal:

- The focus has been very much on the consequences for Northern Ireland, without much comment on the impact for the rest of us in the UK

- Coverage this week in particular, and I think previously too, has been asking the question "Will it pass?" rather than "Should it pass?" - i.e. the focus has been that MPs will be voting on the deal, rather than the deal they're actually voting on.

From what I've seen too there has been little analysis about it being a deal for Boris rather than a deal for Britain. He personally needed to get a deal and the detail didn't really matter to him, especially as they're more than happy with No Deal.
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CNNi will have special coverage from 9am tomorrow.

Richard Quest is anchoring this.
With reports of big protests planned over the coming weeks in Northern Ireland we might see resources sent there.
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We’ve now got a bizzare situation of Brexit coverage on BBC One and BBC Two (along with BBC News and BBC Parliament)
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We’ve now got a bizzare situation of Brexit coverage on BBC One and BBC Two (along with BBC News and BBC Parliament)

Until 10:00
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The Prime Minster just said the vote is this evening - standby for further schedule changes.

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