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Shereen!!! (And Viv and Angus......)

I think you'd like this Twitter feed - they also retweeted this:

I'd completely forgotten until now that when I was a wean, Viv Lumsden gave me a tour around Radio Clyde's studios, compete with a visit to their swimming pool. There probably aren't many studio facilities who can say they've got one of them...
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Oh, are you serious? Radio Clyde has a swimming pool? Blimey!

Viv was the AA Traffic Reporter back in the day, with Captain George in the helicopter above, if I’m not mistaken.

Creeping back to Scotland Today, I was/am utterly besotted with Shereen (not in a bad way). I always felt she was like a cousin in the living room every day, viewer connectivity awesome!

Thanks for the Twitter lead too; following! X
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