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Granada North West Today

I have found the very last episode of Jet Set (This show should come back imo)

Few things to note.

1. Eamonn mention that there will be a next series.

2. Did the winner for the final episode get to go to China?
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Granada North West Today
TVCapture1992 uploaded some CiTV continuity from the May 1998 relaunch, first, from the second day, and four other clips. Plus; full episodes of Zzzap! and Tots TV, note that the promo at the beginning retains the animated characters from the Steven Ryde CiTV era::

And finally, from 2005, the UK terrestrial premiere of the Thomas & Friends S8 episode, "Squeak, Rattle and Roll":
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This is a remarkable piece of broadcasting from the San Francisco Bay Area quake from 30 years ago. Beginning with ABC's coverage of the World Series, then 40-odd minutes of rolling news from KGO-TV. The presenter barely stops for breath despite information being drip-fed to her and the station hardly having any facilities.

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There's a very good 30 For 30 documentary about that, one of the things it mentions that I didn't know before is that those famous shots of the damage to the Bay Bridge came from the Goodyear blimp which was already up for the World Series.
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