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Bloody hell... this just proves you can polish a turd! Shocked

The fact that background exists and the chose to use the random stripy blue thing says a lot about the decisions being made there... would look so much better and add some much needed consistency. Add a large desk to it and you’ll have a more respectable studio for an international broadcaster.
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Maybe an unpopular opinion but I regret that Sarah Hewson did not pick up Mon-Thu afternoons, her delivery and tone on Fridays is brilliant. I'm not quite too sure why afternoon slots have become slightly geared to "and finally..." stories on a few news channels now but at least when she does them, her tone is less "wow that's amazing!" with no attempts at cheap gags, it's more calm and succinct (even on the "and finallys"). I don't watch afternoons much but when it's on in the office, it's easier to pay attention and feel 'up to date' when something's happening when she's on than when her peers appear in that slot.
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