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Let them stay in this thread Wink
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Ugh... let's see if we can get that changed. Right now, it downright slanderous. Mad It's also outdated, since it mention's Asa's age.
A UK-based internet forum which specialises in television presentation (TV branding). Unashamedly and heavily biased towards the BBC, it promotes pro-BBC propaganda such as the justification of the controversial licence fee and spending. Any anti-BBC sentiments posted by a user on the forums, are immediately belittled and ridiculed by other members. The offending member can usually expect to be banned for 'incitement'. The forum is heavily populated by openly homosexual teenage boys and sycophantic BBC employees. This all combines to create one of the most bizarre media forums on the internet. The site is owned and operated by 22-year-old Asa. The membership of the site knows very little about him. He appeared once on the BBC's now-defunct entertainment show 'Liquid News' in 2001. During his 10-second on-screen appearance, he almost masturbates over a video-wall featuring BBC2's new logo. Since the site launched in 2001 as a spin-off of TV Home (now defunct presumably due to Asa realising there's more to life than recording, encoding and uploading clips of TV idents onto the internet), TV Forum has changed very little. Many of the original users who joined in 2001 have all but left the forum. It has since been taken over by trolls, weirdos, bitches and BBC employees with too much time on their hands.
TVForum.co.uk is a television presentation discussion website populated and run by the most bizarre people who've been given access to the internet.
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by Frank McFlirt
Turns out mentioning someone's full name is against the rules, and Asa's full name is in those hashtags, so hopefully I can get this deleted.
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However: ASA:
The most amazing person in the whole world. A God sent gift. Best qualities all the way around. Has a great heart and the best personality. No words can describe how great He is.

so its not all bad Wink