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UTV Newsline
Virgin Media Television have announced a new daytime lineup.
Ireland AM is to be extended by 30 minutes, bringing it up to 11am. This Morning will stop airing on Virgin Media One and Loose Women will stop airing on Virgin Media Two on the 4th, the same day that XPOSÉ will end. Elaine will move to a new slot at 11am and Colette Fitzpatrick will present an hour long news show called “Live at 12”, getting rid of the News at 12:30. Also, the Six O’Clock Show will return to a 5 day week as XPOSÉ has been axed. The new lineup will air for the first time on the 7th of October.

EDIT: I have also read that they are doing away with Weekend AM, and broadcasting with the regular Ireland AM format on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why have they axed This Morning and Loose Women from their schedules? It must have been very cheap for them to simulcast it, so why dump it?
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JKDerry1,901 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
I have just read the article - https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/entertainment/xpose-axed-as-virgin-media-tv-announce-schedule-shake-up-952835.html

Virgin Media Ireland are really trying to outdo RTE in the amount of home produced weekday programming, especially news.

Virgin Media One are very keen to boost Ireland AM, especially since RTE One offer no alternative Irish breakfast show.

This could be a chance for RTE One to bring the Morning Ireland webcam broadcast to RTE One. As an alternative to the new four hour Ireland AM from October.

Four hours does seem to be a lot, I mean even Good Morning Britain only airs 2.5 hours a day in the UK.
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UTV Newsline
You would have to assume it's a money-saving issue. This Morning has made regular appearances in the Virgin Media One top twenty over the last few months. You can't say that for almost all of their studio-based programmes which seem to have very few viewers. The exceptions are their evening News bulletins and Tonight which do reasonably well.
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Xposé being axed isn't a surprise since it was relegated to a weekly slot. Good to see the Six O'Clock Show revert to having a 5 day run.

Elaine is no replacement for This Morning. It's a low budget tick box yawn fest.

The rebranding of Weekend AM to Ireland AM will give the programme consistency, even if the presenters are different.
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No harm that 2RN becomes independent of RTÉ. I think it's been stifling any attempts for Virgin Media or TG4 or any of the independent radio stations, to get on or expand on the Saorview platform.

No it hasn't .

They don't want to .

It's pricing and criteria for saorview is overseen by Comreg precisely for that reason .

The independent radio stations don't even want to go on DAB .
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UTV Newsline
I assume that if viewers in Ireland want to continue to watch This Morning and Loose Women there are options. I think Freesat would be the best option, or tune the ITV channels in on Irish Sky boxes.

For those with Eir TV, Vodafone TV and Virgin Media Ireland - oh dear, maybe try finding it online.
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UTV Newsline
Oh they got rid of this morning? That's a mistake.

No way can VM1 produce something similar to a well established brand such as this morning.

I can see that decision being reversed.

That would show common sense, something which the management doesn't seem to have. Not only are they dropping a show that is easily the most popular on any Irish TV station before 1 pm, they're also dropping a publicity machine for all their other offerings. There will be no more tie ins with Virgin Media One's biggest shows such as Britain's got Talent and I'm a Celebrity.
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UTV Newsline
This is all an ego trip for the Virgin Media Ireland management, who have seen RTE's problems, with the closure next year of RTE Cork and the sale of more land at RTE Montrose estate.

The management looked at this, and felt they could strike a blow, by offering more home produced programming. Yes, they are providing a lot more home produced shows, but none of these shows will do anything for their ratings, and I am sure by Christmas, daytime viewing figures would have dwindled. RTE One might even beat them with their own programmes.

Come January 2020, I would guest we will see the reinstatement of This Morning at least.
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UTV Newsline
My proposal for a new look to their schedule would be to increase Ireland AM, but from the other end of the show, instead of starting at 7.00am, they should start at 6.00am.

6.00am - Ireland AM
9.30am - Elaine
10.30am - This Morning
12.30pm - News at 12.30
1.00pm - Live at One
2.00pm - Tipping Point
3.00pm - The Chase
4.00pm - Usual 4pm filler such as Paul O'Grady For the Love of Dogs
4.30pm - Judge Judy

This would mean they can increase their home produced hours, but still keep This Morning on VM1.