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Interesting and unusual uses of teletext

(November 2017)

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Does anyone know anything about this? The promo aired on CNN International in 1994.

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Does anyone know anything about this? The promo aired on CNN International in 1994.

More in a Wired article here

Looks to be a Teletext capture solution for a PC - possibly using 'hidden' and/or encrypted packets to carry Reuters 1000 (I'm guessing this was a subscription rather than just capturing regular pages)
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The BBC carried London Stock Exchange information service in Datacast packet 8/31 which was very live data so regional stock brokers could deal...
CEEFAX had another feed which was delayed by say 15 to 20 mins for informative purposes only,
However some one started selling Ceefax decoder cards and a dealing system ...
This use was in breach of the CEEFAX T&Cs and the BBC started legal action ..
However there were some complaints to CEEFAX that it would crash .... because we knew what and how we had transmitted it was fairly easy send information to crash the system every few minutes .....
as part of the normal transmission sequence
which sort of pre empted the legal action .. and the information provider was very very impressed as the BBC had put measures in place to stop the abuse .... within a few days of the BBC knowing about it.

That stopped the offending organisation and they never tried to work out what the BBC had done... and any one who then complained got a nice letter pointing out that it was not the BBC problem .. and that the transmission had been tested and they could confirm that they were transmitted teletext which conformed to the international standards and that what the viewer was doing was illegal and that the BBC was suing people .
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