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I miss the ‘stand and deliver’ style of the old headlines from Radio France - again something that set them apart from the competition.

I'm surprised they dumped that for a journalist sitting in a radio studio with headphones on. It doesn't work.

Fear not! This is a temporary solution, the original 'stood up' studio for the headlines is being refurbished but there has been some sort of delay so it's not quite ready for this new season. It needed to be refurbished because the initial design (as you can see in this article: https://www.bce.lu/integration-franceinfo-chaine-publique-information/) meant that the gallery workstation was open-plan, which meant that when something went wrong (headlines in wrong order, technical error, going to breaking news) the gallery operator would have to whisper/frantically gesticulate towards the presenter otherwise they would have been audible/possibly visible. Bearing in mind said presenter would be reading the headlines, controlling the autocue with a foot pedal and the screen with a clicker, often without an earpiece, the potential for confusion was rife. There were a good few number of errors/bloopers with the headlines last season, I'm sure some are on YouTube. The new studio set up will try to mitigate these issues and should be ready soon.
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I'm sure some are on YouTube.

And you'd be right. I must admit that this is one of my favourite bloopers, just because it all goes a bit wrong for poor Leo, from not being ready for his cue, to problems reading the autocue, and finally stumbling on his words. The definition of a bad day in the newsroom:

.... . ..- - .
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Rai 3's news programme, TG3 has today ditched the blue of old and gone back to Rai 3's familiar green colour, ushering in a new look, new intro and graphics, new logo and a fresh new set.

First edition with the new look is available to watch here

And here's a YouTube clip of the new look:


The new look makes the headline images in the background look even more ARD Tagesschau -like than before!

Here are two more editions; a signed newscast for the hearing impaired and a this-day-in-Parliament edition (the latter with a different look):

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The intro and headlines of Dnevnik 3, nightly news on HRT (Croatian public broadcaster), in 2011.

Dnevnik 3 used a somewhat different identity than its daytime and evening counterparts, with purple as the dominant colour, and a slightly different melody.

EDITED AT 11:56 am: here is a full-length edition of Dnevnik 3 from 21 April 2011.

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